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Season Six

6.13 "Suck Up or Shut Up"
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  • Episode Number: 135
  • Original Air Date: January 04, 1994
  • Written by: Amy Morland
  • Directed by: Philip C. MacKenzie
  • Guest Cast:
    • Sandra Bernhard (Nancy)
    • Glenn Quinn (Mark)
    • Martin Mull (Leon)
    • James Pickens, Jr. (???)
    • Jim Turner (???)
    • Selma Archerd (???)
    • Nicolas Meyst (???)
    • Florence Henderson (Businesswoman)
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Detailed summary
Florence Henderson plays a businesswoman with whom Roseanne hopes to establish useful contacts. Meanwhile, Mark drops a bombshell on Becky; he dropped out of school. Anthony Geary and Genie Francis (" General Hospital" ) have a cameo.

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